5 Crazy New Gadgets You Can buy Online #10

Altered:Nozzle – Same tap. 98% less water.

Experience mist with the worlds most extreme water saving nozzle. DonĀ“t be a drainer. Only use what you need

WELT : The Smart Belt for Fashion & Health

WELT is the wellness Belt that makes wearables fashionable. WELT tracks key health data and provides tips and warnings for your health.

L.U.C.Y. – Welcome home

The worlds first home assistant with a beautiful touch screen, camera and voice control is at your service.

AMADAS Smart Lock: The Truly User-Centric Security Solution

A connected lever lock made of stainless steel equipped with emergency recharge, keyless entry and AES encryption security functions.

PIN Genie Smart Lock

Equipped with a magic PIN pad, bring home the advanced smart door lock that surpasses the home security standard