Start Buying Tax Liens Online Today With This Guide By Ted Thomas

Start Buying Tax Liens Online Today With This Guide By Ted Thomas. This is a walk through of how to buy tax liens online through the Florida online tax lien purchasing website as an example of how easy it is to do.

Transcript is as follows:

1. Ted Introduction: “Technology has made buying tax liens online a much simpler process than when I began teaching and guiding others how to buy tax liens over 25 years ago, most government agencies selling tax liens have significant resources online to help investors research liens and the property which may have the back taxes owed. Couple that with the numerous private websites, where an informed investor can go to research the properties involved in the online auction, and many investors do all their property research online from anywhere in the world, before buying at an online tax lien auction. The process is straight forward as is demonstrated by Keri Goff in this video of buying tax liens online at an actual live auction. As with all investments poorly selected investments can lose money, so it is important to understand investing in tax liens before investing your money. More information is available on my website:

2. Online buying demonstration from IBGS class 16: Registering and bidding on tax lien certificates (Keri Goff) So what we are going to do today is we are going to go through the Brevard County Florida online taxing certificate purchasing process. We are going to start at the Brevard County tax collection site,, and we’re going to click here where it says “start here” and we’re just going to review the rules real quick. First thing I’d like to know is how do I pay for my deposit and liens purchase. So I’m going to click on that.
All this information here tells us we’re going to have to do a fund transfer at time of registration and put on a deposit before we can bid on any of the items. I’m also going to check here on bidding rules. And this will tell us everything we need to know about the auction rules and it’s definitely important to make sure we know all these rules before we begin. Let me go back to home and we’re going to begin by registering.

We are going to register as EIAN, and we’re just going to fill in this information. Now we’re going to fill in our contact information. We are buying this within a corporation, and therefore everything will be done with our primary name on the winning certificate as our company name. This could be anything from a corporation to an LLC. And now we’re going to enter in our mailing address where our mailing certificates will be sent to.

Next, now we get to set up our username and our password and we’re also going to select a security question so that way nobody can hack into our account. Okay, now our registration is complete. You can see that we have our bidder number, our username and our password which is blurred out but it is there. Last but not least, the user agreement. And there is also a notice to bidders that you have to agree or not agree with, and it’s important to read all of this.

Okay, so this brings us to our summary screen. What this is it’s going to show you all your awarded certificates and your bids. Now what we’re going to do to get started is we’re going to come over here to this sidebar where it says make deposit. And this deposit is going to allow us to actually make bids. We have to fill in our banking information at this point. Your routing number, your checking number, which can all be found on your personal checks or your company checks.

And then you get to enter your deposit amount which is 10 percent of the base value, or 100 dollars, whichever is greater. And then this is your authorization, your agreement for the electronic payment which we will authorize. And then you will return to your account homepage.